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Introduction                                            Γενική Παρουσίαση

Who are we:
KINITIRAS CHOREOGRAPHY LAB was established in Spring 2011 with the unique aim to open a much needed space for experienced artists to continue personal and professional development. The LAB aims to make available time, space and mentor support in order for artists to regain a space to question and experiment, to be able to establish dialogues with other artists, as well as become acquainted with current debates affecting dance practice today. The LAB aims to nurture articulate practitioners who are able to engage with three aspects of creative production: concepts, practice and analysis which are seen as mutually interdependent in artistic experimentation and growth.

What is unique about the Lab:
The Lab is an important innovation within the dance sector in Greece. It is designed as a self contained ten week MA level module providing further development under the idea of life-long-learning. Since summer 2012, the Lab is now delivered as a four week-100 hours intensive. Participants follow a taught-period of 50 hours with sessions led by international and high profile guest artists-researcher. This is then followed by a further 50 hours of independent research time that leads to the creation, management and delivery of an independent project of artistic research. As part of the skills acquired in the Lab, participants are introduced to reflective writing and archiving processes. The outcomes of the Lab are shown to the general public in a series of presentations and performances in the Studio. Participants receive a certificate of learning in line with the ECTS which details the learning hours and outcomes

What we have achieved:
The first Kinitiras Choreography Lab took place from January to April 2011, with a pilot group of nine artists coming from a wide range of backgrounds and experience. The closing presentations took place on the 5th & 6th of April 2011 to full house-audiences at the Studio. Over two nights, nine events were presented which engaged with a wide and varied range of concerns; from experiments in open-interdisciplinary scores, experiments on performing-presence and re-engagements with the audience, solo works redefining authenticity in performance, to research exploring interdisciplinary dialoguesThe Autumn 2011 session of the Lab, took place from October-December 2011 and welcomed back Michael Klien (Ir/Au) and John Paul Zaccarini (UK) and welcome for the first time Unterweg Theater Heidelberg. We established short-term intensives with similar objectives for those artists who want to engage with choreographic research but who may not be able to commit to the longer 10-week project. Roberto Olivan led one of the intensives in December 2011.  The Lab concluded with two performances on 21-22 December which were positively reviewed by you can read it at:

As a response to interest from international dance artists and practitioners to participate in the Lab the summer 2012 session was restructured as a four week-100 hrs intensive in order to facilitate the participation of international artists who would not be able to come to GR for a ten week period.  Seven participants - from Greece, Germany, Puerto Rico and Scotland participated in workshops led by Robert Clark (UK), Roberto Olivan (SP), Michael Klien (AT/IR), Kiriakos Spirou (CY) and Ana Sanchez-Colberg.  Furthermore, in  2012, Kinitiras Choreography Lab in  partnership with DEREE-The American College of Greece established the PROFESSIONAL CHOREOGRAPHIC DEVELOPMENT PROJECT ( to offer all participants who have completed the Lab (in any of its sessions) the opportunity to apply for a period of residency at the College to develop innovative artistic projects.  Since the creation of the PROFESSIONAL CHOREOGRAPHIC DEVELOPMENT PROJECT six artists have received research and development support as well as enjoyed the benefits of exposing their work in progress to the larger arts community at the University as well as the dance sector in Athens.  In summer 2013, the lab welcomed 8 participants including artists from Brazil,Serbia, and Portugal confirming the international character of the project.

The Lab has created a blog in order to engage in remote dialogue with practitioners internationally. Participants archived their processes in an individual page within the blog. To date, the blog has been visited by over 5000 people from Greece, Europe, USA, Latin America and Asia. The blog can be accessed at Following the Lab, three projects moved on to further development and production, presented as part of the 10th Festival of the Choreographer’s Association as well as the In-Progress-Festival at the Studio. In the summer 2011 a sister project was established in San Juan, Puerto Rico, establishing further concrete ties between artists in Greece and abroad (see

A central aim of the Lab is to establish a community of artists that will continue to dialogue beyond the time scale of the Lab with a view to roll out the impact of the Lab into other fora.  Since its inception the Lab has been achieving this important aspect of its mission.

Victoria Kotsalou (Lab 2011) met choreographer Michael Klien in the Autumn 2011 edition of the Lab. Since, both have been working on developing a choreographic research project in the island of Hydra.  The first edition of R.I.C.E. took place on the 22nd-30th September 2013 and housed 18 international artists on Hydra, engaging the choreography of humans through various practices, dialogues and works.

R.I.C.E. is a new cultural initiative on Hydra island, Greece. Dedicated to exploring the choreography of humans, R.I.C.E. places artists without the framework of a stage or the spectacle in the heart of the town. Based on emerging dialogues and exchanges with the local community, R.I.C.E entangles life and art, offering space and time to recursively observe, reflect and act. The outcome is at times concrete (social choreographies, performances, texts, etc.) as well as ephemeral. For more see:  Kinitiras Choreography Lab is proud to have served as the meeting point that led to this event.

Androniki Marathaki (Lab 2011) returned to the Lab in 2013, this time as a visiting artist, to share with the group her current research on movement ontology.

Xica Balboa (Lab 2013) the work in process ‘On Seeing And Being Seen’ has been developed as In Vitro and presented as part of ACTS-Laboratory of Practices in Oslo.

Nefeli Oikonomou (2012/2013) used the research and development time at the Lab to create a portfolio of practice to support her application to the MA Choreography at University Dance and Circus Stockholm. She was successful in her application.  She received a full tuition scholarship and is currently in her second and final year of studies.

Leida Taktikou (Lab 2013) developed her solo worked This one is female as a group piece for the Deree Dance Ensemble student company and presented at the Asrts Festival produced by the School of Fine and Performing Arts.

Eleni Pantazatou (Lab 2012) new work 3TBody was premiered as part of the DEREE- the American College of Greece’s School of Fine and Performing Arts Festival in March 2013.

Olga Halkidou (Lab 2011) from the work done at the Lab the project Flamen/co was extended as a research exchange between choreographer Halkidou and choreographer Tanja Tuurala from Stockholm. The project - a reciprocal research exchange in the two cities (Athens/Stockholm) was developed with support from Kinitiras Choreography Lab, the Duncan Centre in Athens and the University of Dance and Circus Stockholm.

We are happy to announce this year's lab,  our 5th ANNIVESARY CELEBRATION, will take place this year from the 1st-25th July.  This celebration will bring together many of the artists who have participated as labbers and visiting artists, more workshops, more events, more dialogues!  To celebrate, we are pleased to be able to offer the lab at the reduced fee of 350.00 euros FOR ALL!

Applications are now open, follow the link below! 

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[1] Technique Classes are optional and are not included in the Lab fee.
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